Automated Fuel Dispenser

No, this needs to be completed by a technician or POS helpdesk rep.

- You could receive an 11.3 No Authorization dispute (chargeback) from an issuer for the difference between the final AFD transaction amount and maximum allowable amount e.g., $175.
- You could be assessed a 10 cent Transaction Integrity Fee for not meeting CPS qualification.
- Cards will not qualify for the CPS AFD program and thus will be assessed the CPS non-qualification Interchange fees.
- Your pumps will no longer hold for the $1 status check. They will authorize for the full amount of the limit on certain cards causing customer frustration/inconvenience of excess monies held.

Real Time Clearing (RTC) uses a preauthorization request with an estimated transaction amount for AFD purchases. An AFD participating merchant sends a preauthorization request for an estimated transaction amount (up to a maximum transaction amount of US $500).  The issuer may approve, decline or partially approve the transaction.  The AFD merchant sends the final transaction amount using a completion message to the issuer within two hours of the preauthorization request. This enables the issuer to more efficiently manage the cardholder’s available funds by posting the final transaction amount and removing any previously applied hold.

Ultimately, it’s the card issuer that will drop preauthorization hold on the card, there are times where the card issuer can hold this preauthorization amount for several days effecting your customers open to buy limit on their card.

AVS verifies the five-digit billing statement postal code of the cardholder who is paying with a credit card at an AFD. The postal code is included in the authorization request message.

This setting limits the number of times a single card can be used outside at a gas station in a 24-hour period. Standard setting is 2.

Visa Transaction Advisor (VTA) helps prevent fraud right at the pump. Using Visa's intelligent analytics, VTA provides real-time assessment of the most at-risk Visa card transactions so that you can stop card fraud before it happens.

Velocity Checking is a setting at the network that will only allow a specific card to run a specific number of times in a 24-hour period.

Yes, we can increase velocity on your account. We recommend setting this to 2 or 3. Removal is not recommended and will require additional liability form signed.


Yes, please contact us at 866-427-7297 for assistance in downloading your credit card terminal.

Yes, we can re-load your FD130 terminal, however, they do not make them anymore so we can not replace them.

First APN 0 and then APN 1.

Yes, the FD150 can be boarded with a lodging profile

No, unfortunately the FD35 pin pad will not work with the FD150 terminal, you will need the RP10 pin pad with your new FD150 terminal.

PAX cannot process a fleet transaction as a standalone option, however, PAX can process fleet cards as a semi integrated option connected with an accompanying POS that is capable of sending product codes to the network.

On the S series it is today's date and on the A series it can be 9876 or pax9876@@

Yes, with proper WIFI information refer to the WiFi Setup Document for the steps.

Yes, we use FedEx to ship our equipment and for an added fee our Deployment team can ship your equipment overnight. However, please know overnight is not guaranteed in all areas, but we will do our best to accommodate the request.

Once the Clover ID is built, the activation email is generated. You can expect to see your email 24-48 hours after the application is submitted.

All of our terminals come pre-downloaded and ready to use. If you have any questions or need any assistance you can contact our Customer Support team at 866-427-7297, select technical support and they will be happy to assist you.

No, that is not something we provide; however, we can provide a couple of companies who do. Please call our technical support team at 866-427-7297, or contact your sales representative and they will be happy to assist you.

VXN 53 is a communication error. Typically your terminal will display this message when there is no internet signal. Be sure to check your modem and router. Sometimes if you unplug your terminal, router and modem (in that order) and then power back on modem, router and terminal (in that order) ensuring each device powers up completely before powering up the next device, that will restore the communication and get you back on line.

Yes, Please send us an email to Please be sure to include your MID, DBA, equipment type, profile type (retail, petro with fleet, Lodging) and communication type and we will provide you the necessary information needed to program your terminal.

For the independent Buypass network the pump limits are hardcoded in the software. If any change is needed to hte hardcoded limits your service tech will need to log in and assist you with making that change.

However, to protect yourself against chargebacks please see below for card bay card limits that are compliant.
- Visa $100.00 - All card types with the exception of Fleet
- Visa Fleet $150.00
- MasterCard $150.00 - All card types except Executive Corp Card, CorporateCard, Purchasing Card MasterCard
- MasterCard $150.00 - Executive Corp Card, Corporate Card, Purchasing Card, Fleet Card. Anything that appears to be related to a Corporation or a Business establishment
- Discover $100.00 - All card types
- AMEX $100.00 - All card types

General Support / Pricing

Please complete upgrade form along with your FNS certificate to and we will add it for you.

Yes, please contact your sales representative for all pricing questions.

Once your completed application is received and approved you be able to accept payments within 24-48 hours depending on your set up, equipment type and shipping (if needed).

For information regarding your rate and fees please contact your sales representative. If you need help contacting your sales representative, please contact our Customer Support team at 866-427-7297, they will be happy to provide you their contact information. You can also refer to your monthly processing statement which is sent via usps, email, or can be found online at

For information regarding your rate and fees please contact your sales representative. If you need help contacting your sales representative, please contact our Customer Support team at 866-427-7297, they will be happy to provide you their contact information. You can also refer to your monthly processing statement which is sent via usps, email, or can be found online at

Yes, we can transfer your gift cards if you are using one of the following gift card providers: SVS, Fifth Third, Vantiv, or Mercury.

We do provide next day funding; however, the timing of the deposit will depend on your close time. If you batch out your terminal by 9:30 PM EST you will receive your funds the following day, if you batch after 9:30 PM EST you will receive funds in 2 business days.

Interchange is Card Issuer’s (Visa/MC/Disc/Amex) costs. A term used in the payment card industry to describe a fee paid between banks for the acceptance of card-based transactions. Consists of several different rates that vary depending on the mode of entry, card type, and any rewards attached to each card. For more, view October 2019 Pass Through Fees (PDF).

You can make changes to your account by completing our merchant upgrade form. Once you have completed the information you would like to change, please sign and return it to us at Please be sure to provide your merchant ID number on the form.

Our popular forms can be found on our support tab of our website

Your merchant statement will be available on the business track portal on the 3rd of each the month. If you are expecting in the mail, they are mailed out in batches starting on the 3rd of each month. For more, visit

We do provide next day funding; however, the timing of the deposit will depend on your close time. If you batch out your terminal by 9:30 PM EST you will receive your funds the following day, if you batch after 9:30 PM EST you will receive funds in 2 business days. If you batched your terminal before 9:30 PM EST, please contact our Customer Service team at 866-427-7297 and select Customer Service.

Note: Additional factors that can contribute to funding delays are funding holds or diverts on your account. If you are processing within your MPA determined daily and 30 day processing limits. Processing over your high tickets can slow funding down, as the data is captured at the funding level and reviewed before sending to bank to clear and post

Unfortunately, no. These fees are annual fees passed through to you from the Debit networks. These fees are costs to every merchant in the country who accepted a debit card this year.

You can access Dispute manager in our Online Reporting Tool: Business Track. You can also find Tax Reporting as well as reporting and statements. If you do not have access to Business Track enroll today: Dispute Manager will allow you to upload and submit chargebacks right from your computer. You will be able to provide immediate responses to time sensitive tasks. Help and Tutorial are available within the tool also.

Please contact the password reset team at 866-727-9636 to receive password reset assistance.

Yes, you can log into and view all settled transactions in our online portal.

Yes, you can log into and/or enroll yourself into our online portal to view the breakdown of each charge.

For any information about your rates and fees, please contact your sales representative. If you need help finding your sales representative, please contact our Customer Support team at 866-427-7297, they will be happy to provide you the contact information. Things to consider: Has your average transaction size gone down? Did you accept more business rewards cards this month? Are there annual fees listed on your statement? Are you PCI compliant?

You can log into and enroll yourself into our online portal to view the break down of each charge and adjustment.

In order to update the banking information on your account, please complete and sign the Merchant upgrade form (hyperlink to form on support page) and provide a copy of a pre-printed voided check or signed bank letter.

No, for your security we will not accept a starter check, you must provide a pre-printed voided check or bank letter.

Our most current merchant processing application can be found on our support page.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at or 866-427-7297.

We accept Visa, MC, Amex and Discover cards. Our credit card authorization form can be found on our support tab. If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please feel free to contact your sales representative or our Customer Service team at or 866-427-7297 and select customer service.

Your Merchant ID number is located on your merchant statement or can be attained by contacting us at 866-427-7297.

For 24/7 customer Service, please contact the following help desks:

BuyPass Help Desk
Petro: 800-347-8224 (option 2, then option 1)
Retail: 800-733-3322 (option 2, then option 1)

North 24/7 Help Desk
800-366-1841 (Opt 2 – Technical Support or Opt 3 – Customer Service)

Concord 24/7 Help Desk
800-238-7675 (Opt 1 – Technical Support or Option 2- Customer Service)

- Log into Client Line
- Choose on Dispute Manager
- Click on chargeback needed to be disputed
        - Search by MID
        - Search by Case number
        - Click on right corner where it says "Work this Case"
- Drop down will pop up
- Choose Dispute/Reverse Chargeback
- Choose "Other - See my Statement"
- Click on Continue Document
        - Upload any documents in PDF format
        - Add in details in note section
- Hit Submit Action


The website to complete your PCI DDS Security questionnaire is

Username is always your merchant ID number. Password is the last 5 digits of the MID and your state abbreviation in capital letters. You will be asked to create a new password upon logging in.

To reset you password you can click the forgot password link on the login page or call (877) 277-0998.

The questions on the SAQ are about how you and your staff handle cardholder data, not just the equipment.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is a set of requirements for enhancing payment account data security. These standards were developed by the PCI Security Council (founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa Inc.) to facilitate industry-wide adoption of consistent data security measures on a global basis. The standard aims to increase awareness and promote best practices in the handling of sensitive information to minimizing identity theft and fraudulent transactions.

All merchants accepting payment by credit or debit cards are required to comply with PCI DSS. This website provides the tools needed to achieve compliance with the least amount of time, effort, and expense.

Merchants are contractually required to comply with the PCI DSS as part of their processing agreement. Failure to meet the contractual obligations may result in the additional non-compliance fees, suspending the ability to process transactions, and/or termination of the agreement. Refer to your merchant agreement for more information on this subject.

This is the number that other machines use to send internet messages to your computer network. For an ASV scan, you must provide the public IP address rather than an internal IP address. For example: You can find the public IP address of your network by searching on Google “what is my IP address” from any computer on the network.

To maintain PCI compliance, you need to pass an ASV scan and submit for ASV Compliance every 90 days. It is recommended to scan monthly, allowing time to fix or request exceptions for any unexpected vulnerabilities.

Yes, if you are currently using a MNSP you will still have to complete the SAQ; however, your MNSP provider will provide additional support and information about PCI Compliance as well.

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